Church Policies

St Matthew's Church Policies are available for download:


Safeguarding Policy Statement (May 2023)

Safeguarding Key Information February 2024 

St Matthews Safeguarding Response Procedure (ECC) 2024


Policy for the Recruitment of Ex-Offenders 2022

Policy for the Recruitment of Ex-Offenders - Background Information from DBS (2021)

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy - Church and  Signed page 7 H&S Policy Church May 2024

Health and Safety Policy - Parish Centre and Signed page 7 H&S Policy Parish Centre May 2024

List of Annexes to Parish Centre H&S Policies March 2021 : See H&S Policies

Annexes to Health and Safety Policies

Asbestos Policy : See Annexes to Health & Safety Policies


Admission of Children to Holy Communion


Church Environment Policy 2023  (adopted 15 March 2023)


Ministry Expenses Policy (re-adopted 17 Jan 2024)

Finance Policy (adopted  18 January 2023)

Reserves Policy (incorporated into Finance Policy   18 January 2023)

Data Protection

Data Protection Policy  v1.2 (includes Appendices 1,2,4 and 5). (adopted  29 May 2024)

Appendix 3  v.4 Register of Processing Activities

Equality and Diversity 

Equality and Diversity Policy  revised March 2023


Legacy Policy  2023. Adopted November 2023