Annexes to Health and Safety Policies

Annex 1      * Appendix A list of Responsible People and Approved contractor

Annex 2       Appendix B Food Preparation

Annex 3      * Hiring out church premises (Ecclesiastical Insurance)  

Annex 4    * Parish Centre Hire Agreement Public Booking

Annex 5    * Church Hire Agreement Public Booking

Annex     * Parish Centre Hire Agreement Private Booking

Annex    Not Used

Annex 8   Accident Report forms 

Annex 9   Fire Precautions (Evacuation Church)

Annex 9a.  Fire Precautions (Evacuation Parish Centre)

Annex 10. Church Fire Safety Risk Assessment - Ecclesiastical Insurance

Annex 11   Fire Risk Assessment Guide, Safety, Action Plans and Evacuation Monitoring Form Ecclesiastical Insurance

Annex 12   Volunteer Checklist

Annex 13   Role of Event Stewards during Emergency Evacuation

Annex 14   Church Health & Safety Checklist

Annex 14a Churchwarden's Year Checklist of Items - Church

Annex 1 Parish Centre Health & Safety Checklist

Annex 15a Churchwarden's Year Checklist of Items - Parish Centre

Annex16    Risk Assessment HSE Brief Guide

Annex16aRisk Assessment Small Church - Ecclesiastical Insurance Toolkit

Annex 17  Risk Assessment Form (General)

Annex18 Slips and Trips – precautions checklist

Annex19  Health and Safety Procedure for organisations Crossing the Road (Church Street and Crowtrees Lane).

Annex 20 Asbestos Policy

Annex 21 Asbestos Register

Annex 22 Appendix 4 Work Permits

Annex 23  * Church key holders

Annex 24  * Parish Centre key holders

* See Annexes containing Personal Data