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Praying for Rastrick

This week, starting Sunday 12th September, we will be praying for all those who live and work in Danebury Road, Wherwell Road, Daisy Road, Amport Close, Stratton Park and Stratton Close; for the staff and pupils of Field Lane school, and for the residents and staff of all our Care Homes.

If you live or work in any of the above streets or places, or anywhere else in our neighbourhood and have a particular need, please contact us.

In our Rastrick churches, we pray for our community throughout the year, naming different streets and schools each week.  If you would like us to pray for you, or for a situation concerning you, please text or leave a voicemail message on 07594 963340, or e-mail us at  Your request will be prayed for confidentially by trusted people.

A group meets regularly at the Vicarage every fortnight at the vicarage on Sunday evenings - see the Calendar for details. During the interregnum vacancy, this group has moved to Kay and Keith's home. However this meeting has been  temporarily  interrupted during the Corona virus restrictions.

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