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Coronavirus Update 2 April 2022

St Matthew's church has re-opened for Sunday morning communal worship as from Sunday 14th March 2021.  Details of the arrangements for the service  can be found in this link.

The church  is open for funerals. Please speak to the Vicar about how we can best accommodate all the people whom you might wish to attend, within our current social distancing arrangements.

St Matthew's is open for Weddings. Please speak to the Vicar about how we can best accommodate all the people whom you might wish to attend.

See the letter from the Vicar on the News page 25 July 2021 for changes to the local Covid procedures at St Matthew's following the relaxation of national Covid restrictions on the 19th July 2021. The procedures regarding the Chalice at Communion described in the Vicar's letter above are to be modified from Easter Sunday  17th April 2022 . In her update in the weekly Newsletter for 3rd April, Revd Michelle writes:

'It was agreed at a recent ECC meeting that communion will be available again in both kinds from Easter Sunday, as there are no rules to prevent this, and I therefore have no valid reason to withhold the cup from anyone who wishes to receive it.  However, there will feb no pressure to take wine as we'll as the wafer if you do not feel comfortable  doing so. Communion will continue to feb administered as at present, but with the addition of one chalice administrant to my right side whom you may go to if you wish after receiving the wafer. Otherwise please come up, receive the wafer and return to your place as at present. Dipping the wafer in the wine is not advised under current guidance and will not be permitted.       Thank you, Michelle.'

 Our  on-line Worship has been ended in favour of in-person worship on Sunday and Wednesday mornings.

Here is a link to the Church of England's National Advice on the Coronavirus outbreak and how churches should respond. It contains a daily Prayer for Today and links to take  part in Daily Morning, Evening and Night Prayer services 'on the move'.

Link to the Diocese of Leeds Coronavirus web page

and also a link to the Advice from the Methodist Church. Amongst other things, it contains a Service sheet for home use and a link to live worship streaming every Sunday at 11:00 a.m.

Calderdale Council have produced Advice on dealing with the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak  on this web page.

For the latest UK Government advice on the corona virus restrictions go to Living Safely with Respiratory infections, including COVID-19 latest update 1 April 2022 

Don't forget to watch the  NHS video on how to wash your hands 

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