Beer and Banter

"Beer and Banter" is a meeting for men, held on a monthly basis, at 7:00pm   dates vary,  at the Four Sons on Clough Lane 

The meeting offers the opportunity to  listen to a speaker, in complete silence of course, and to share a pint with friends. A pea and pie supper is served at modest charge to those wishing to partake.

We share the meeting with our friends from St John's Rastrick.

Planned meetings for 2024 are:

 5th Feb – Trekking Majorca – Paul & Ken 

4th Mar – Reflections – Ven Bill Braviner

8th Apr – All things Eco – Norman Lake & John Hearson 

13th May – Providing a Safe Space – Turning Point 

3rd June - Music & Language – Graham Kennedy 

For more information see the Calendar or contact  Alan Hoggard  by email  or 07756 035 591